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Individual Psychotherapy


We offer affordable individual private and confidential professional psychotherapy services. Sessions can take place in our office, in your home, or *online. 

*Services offered online after in-person meeting in the State of Colorado only. 

Peer Group Wisdom Circle


We offer peer groups for those in the helping professions, including Registered Psychotherapists, Licensed Professional Counselors & Candidates, Personal Life Coaches, Students, and Caregivers. 

Professional Supervision


We provide individual and group supervision for Post-Master degree counselors working towards licensure 

(LPCC, or Post-MA NLP Only). 

Group Psychotherapy


Finding connection with others who have had similar life experiences can be healing. We provide the safe space for you to connect, share, and learn from others who may have similar struggles. 

Service List & Fee's


Click here to see our services and fees.

Our Featured Counselors


We work with several counselors who have different specialties in their profession. If we don't have the expertise, we will help you find the help you need through our referral system. Click here to see some of our featured counselors. 

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Humanistic Counseling, LLC

1800 30th St Suite 209D, Boulder, CO 80301, US

Christine Frontiera, Ma, LPCc (720) 791-8800

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