Individual Psychotherapy


Relationship Difficulties

Difficulties can arise in any relationship - an intimate relationship, a co-worker or boss, a neighbor, a family member, or even within different parts of ourselves.  

We provide space and perspective for you to work out these situations confidentially and provide new tools for working with, understanding, and communicating with challenging people. 


Note: We only offer individual therapy, not couples or family counseling. 


Panic, Agoraphobia, & Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety sufferers experience some of the most uncomfortable sensations and emotions that we can experience in our lives. Through counseling and evidence-based treatment, we work towards helping you recover the sense of freedom, perspective, and joy that you once had in your life. 

Our work can begin in the comfort of your home and our pace will be slow and steady, meeting you where you are, and ensuring that you feel safe and in control throughout the process. 


Inner-Parts Work

Taking the time to understand oneself apart from others is part of the individuation process of a maturing human being that strives towards self-actualization. 

We offer space and specific methods of self-exploration that can allow you to understand and integrate different aspects of yourself helping you to become a more whole individual. 

This work is great for people who are in transition, those working on improving feelings of self-acceptance & self-love, those who feel stuck in a rut, and anyone who wants to take the time to know themselves better.